Worlds 1st vegan football boot

Manchester United attacking midfielder star Paul Pogba and fashion designer Stella McCartney have come together with Adidas to launch their first plant-based football boots exquisitely named the ‘PREDATOR FREAK ‘.

Made using Vegan materials the lace-less boots are white in colour, with leaf designs with a gradient of purple and green, with bright orange spikes. For vegan football boots they really are a masterpiece. Paul Pogba said: “I am a footballer first and foremost, but I have a huge interest in fashion and design and I’ve always wanted to explore this further. I’ve been a fan of Stella McCartney’s work for a long time, so when we came together for The Huddle last year and had this idea, it felt like the perfect opportunity to create something.” "It was in the middle of lockdown and I was missing playing football so much, so it was an incredible feeling to be able to focus on something that combines my love for the game with my passion for style.

"The boots we created with Adidas are bold and unique, and I can't wait to wear them when I step onto the pitch." McCartney added: "Since the start of my collaboration with Adidas, we've continued to push the boundaries in high-fashion and performance wear so it's incredibly exciting to be expanding into the world of football with the superstar athlete Paul Pogba.

The limited-edition, dual gender PREDATOR FREAK are priced £250 – £280 depending on which design you prefer with laces or without.

Stella McCartney has in past, launched a whole range of plant based shoes and clothing and recently introduced her followers to her range of jackets & coat made entirely of mushroom leather

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