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Hemp Paper, Rice Paper or Bamboo Paper | What’s Your Choice?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Most recently, the cannabis market is afloat with prospering products like cannabidiol or generically, CBD. They say it’s available in diverse forms like CBD gummy bears, CBD wax, CBD crumble, cannabis moonrocks, etc. Even when cannabis has taken over the market this heavily for those looking to smoke CBD/Herb through joints is still the most common way to consume it keeping in mind the heavenly aroma of CBD/Herb.

A wonderful smoking experience dominantly depends on your choice of rolling paper. However, we often find people underestimating the significance of it.

That being said, let’s get to know more about rolling paper. Common rolling paper is composed of wood pulp that has its benefits and drawbacks when it refers to consumption. Over the last two decades, more and more cannabis-cantered, health-attentive products have penetrated the industry, with rice, hemp and even clear cellulose rolling papers developed to fulfil the needs of a more conscientious population.

Each brand of rolling paper has its own distinctive attributes that cater to various groups of people who smoke. For starters, the preference, density, and burning intensity of the paper are different functionalities which mostly come down to individual preference.

When it comes to rolling papers, there’s a lot to choose from. Continue reading to find out more.

Organic or Raw Rolling Paper: The word ‘organic’ itself suggests that the product is going to be free of all unnecessary chemical additives. In recent history, organic products have suddenly gained astounding fame due their potency of providing therapeutic benefits. They’re safer, and thus more convenient. When it comes to rolling joints, consumers want to be least concerned about any adversity they should be worried about. This is a motive for them to opt for raw rolling paper. Raw rolling papers are super vegan, fully additive-free, composed of hemp. Precisely, they’re the most authentic rolling papers in the context.

Raw Hemp Rolling Papers:

Raw hemp rolling papers could be a splendid choice when it comes to upping your rolling game. This kind of rolling paper includes an exclusive mild taste that won’t distract you from the original taste and aroma of your herb supply. For an upper hand, Raw hemp rolling paper is also the most easiest to roll. This hemp rolling paper could be your new absolute favourite when it comes to rolling pre-rolls!

Elements Rice Rolling Papers: Composed of processed rice, Elements rice rolling papers are stretched into very thin sheets which render a very decent feeling. They’re one of the most authentic forms of rolling paper available in the market. Their authenticity is evident by sight and taste. They allow you the freedom to truly enjoy your herbs without being concerned about any by-standing tastes, chemicals and aromas. Its slow burning attribute aids you to devour your herbs better and for longer. Compared to typical rolling papers, the Elements rice rolling paper is the one which can make you feel great and captivated enough to continue its use.

Rizla Bamboo Rolling Papers: Rizla bamboo rolling paper is an all-

natural composed entirely of wood pulp of the African Acacia tree. It is one of

thinnest rolling papers in the market which makes it so in demand. Unlike generic rolling papers; the bamboo rolling papers comes with quality assurance. It promises to provide a free of additives authentic smoking experience, not gonna lie. Another big win for smokers is that this rolling paper leaves out little to no ash. Now this definitely makes it stand out from the rest, doesn’t it? Even though they burn quick, users proclaim that they provide a smoother experience than other alternatives in the context. Rizla was the first brand to introduce a rolling paper with the potency and flexibility of bamboo. This should be enough to persuade one into quitting the use of ordinary rolling paper and switching to Rizla bamboo rolling paper.

Importance of Knowing Your Rolling Papers: A lot of people, the majority to be particular, doesn’t know a lot or at all about their rolling papers and their significance. However, even if it doesn’t hamper with the consequences of smoking, it may alter their preferences once smokers get to know better. Regardless of how often and what you smoke, investing righteously in your rolling paper tends to make a world of difference.

The characteristics and attributes of rolling paper differ from each other. Even so, this does not affect their overall potency. They don’t intend to deliver adverse effects but the strength of each one tends to be distinct in nature. The choice primarily depends on the smoker and their personal preferences. For starters, some smokers prefer non-bleached smoking paper to enjoy an experience free of supplementary concerns. This is why they’re suggested to opt for hemp rolling paper as it is entirely composed of hemp fibers and no other additives. Other people who may prefer a more authentic and long lasting smoking experience should opt for rice paper due to its exquisite and slow burning traits.

Dos and Don’ts of the Rolling Paper Game The journey throughout this article might have you convinced that you know all about rolling papers. However, with such an extensive range available, there is still a lot to evaluate while choosing the right one for you.

Avoid bleached paper. Bleaching the rolling paper usually contaminates it with unnecessary chemical additives. This won’t hamper with your health but might alter your smoking experience.

Don’t opt for denser rolling paper. Denser papers can be problematic towards your wellbeing since they’ve been chemically processed. They seem to contain more chemical additives, which in return can also be harmful in origin and influence your smoking experience.

Go for more natural and organic rolling papers. Since most would want to devour a smoking experience cantered on their herbs and nothing else, choosing safer rolling papers like the natural ones is highly advocated. Sometimes, rolling papers may contain color content or dyes to give the product a more appealing look. Always keep an eye out for the contents used during processing to avoid the purchase of unwanted or hazardous products.

The Bottom Line Which rolling paper is finest in the context of effectiveness and ease wholly depends on the consumer and their preferences. Even so, it is suggested that you opt for the ones suiting your needs keeping in mind the dos and don’ts of choosing rolling paper. If you want value for money, you must seek quality rolling paper. Investing your time and money in this discipline will not only change the way you smoke but also add to your contentment with the product and what it has to offer.

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