Cookies Set to open store in London

Global cannabis brand Cookies from California USA is planning to open some of its first stores all over Europe with London and Vienna being the more focal points.

The popular brand has dispensaries throughout the USA and was founded by West Coast Rappers Berner and Jai, with the former being signed to Wiz Khalifa’s label Taylor Gang Entertainment.

In a statement sent to Canex, Cookies, an established cannabis brand founded in 2010, headquartered in San Francisco, announced a partnership with the Israeli InterCure to bring medical cannabis to Europe.

The first Cookies store is slated to open its doors in London sometime in the spring, although there are no details of where in London they will be opening. The company has announced that they will begin their operation by selling their own brand of CBD products only, with the pharmacy side of the business expected to open as and when UK regulations change.

Parker Berling, President of Cookies, said: “As we focus on new territories, it’s vital our customers continue to count on the quality Cookies is known for, which is a value we share with our partners at InterCure.

“We look forward to reaching audiences in Austria and the United Kingdom and establishing Cookies as a mainstay in each community.”

Alexander Rabinovitch, CEO of InterCure, added: “Cookies is one of the most internationally recognized brands in cannabis, and after our mutual success in Israel, it’s only obvious we further our expansion to Europe, providing the highest quality grade cannabis products.”

Medical cannabis use is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for alternative options or for whom other treatments have proved ineffective. CBD has also become a popular health supplement due to its potential ability to relieve a number of ailments and enhance general wellness

Professor Mike Barnes, Co-Founder of Maple Tree Consultancy, quoted “Medicinal cannabis has emerged as a promising alternative pain reliever for those suffering from chronic pain.”

“Many countries now allow or are in advanced stages of considering medical cannabis to be widely available for clinicians to prescribe.

“Many countries now allow or are in advanced stages of considering medical cannabis to be widely available for clinicians to prescribe.

“An effective alternative to opioids in the management of chronic pain can help manage the crisis, and these pioneering countries (The Netherlands, Canada, Israel) prove medical cannabis is showing real potential towards this end.

“I think it’s only right that the industry takes medical cannabis seriously in this regard.”

Every new player in this ever-growing industry should be welcomed if the result is more patients getting the appropriate help they need and deserve.

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