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Founded in 2016, Green Apron Studios was inspired to create Vegan-Friendly, Organic, Halal & Kosher products due to a lack of products in the market that catered for the earth-loving clientele


Green Apron Studios is an innovative and grand breaking company in the CBD market with over 200 product catalogues, manufacturing herbal soap made from organic ingredients, aromatic soy we melt, terpene infused candles, Aloe vera enriched gels, balms & oils.  

Our range represents the core elements of any beauty routine and at the heart of each product is quality, usability & innovation.

Today we are still evolving and shaping the CBD industry using the feedback from our suppliers, retailers & you, our customers, to design quality products that deliver wellbeing results – mentally and physically

We would love to hear from you so do get in touch with us by emailing us


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